3 Tips to Boosting Low Self-Esteem & Confidence

low self esteem because of weight

Self-esteem is how you feel in regards to yourself and how you rate your self-worth. Many factors can affect it but low self-esteem because of weight is an extremely common one. 

Having a lack of self-esteem can greatly affect how you get on in life and the steps you take (or do not take, in this case) to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Common Causes of Low Self-Esteem

As we've mentioned already, many aspects of our lives can affect our levels of self-esteem. Commonly, these are:

  • Trauma
  • Body image (weight, etc.)
  • Negligent parents
  • Work-related stress and pressures
  • Negative peers
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Negative reoccurring thought patterns

You might be able to pinpoint specific things that are having a detrimental impact on your self-esteem and confidence. If you can, this is great because, as you have probably heard before, knowing you have a problem is the first step in solving it. 

How Weight and Body Confidence are Related

The relationship between weight and body confidence is a complex one and, depending on your current struggles, could manifest itself in different ways. 

For example, someone who is struggling with a distorted body image could feel like they are overweight, even though they are within a healthy weight range.

However, if your weight has changed recently — gained or lost — it can affect your body confidence, regardless of whether you believe you have a distorted image of yourself or not. 

Why? Well, social media has a lot to blame for this since photoshopped 'perfect' pictures are posted everywhere which can negatively impact your view of how you look. 

Unfortunately, you are then trapped in a cycle of feeling bad about yourself and then possibly eating to suppress these thoughts — known as stress eating.

Why do we stress eat? It stems from the hormones released from feeling unhappy about ourselves — food then gets rid of the negativity for a short amount of time, thus providing instant relief. 

3 Tips to Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence

exercise for mental health

Thankfully, there are many tips out there relating to how to boost confidence and, although many of them are not necessarily linked with your weight in mind, they are extremely helpful. 

Among all the advice out there, we are firm believers of these 3 most essential ones. 

Exercise and Your Mindset

Although many personal trainers and gym-goers will focus on exercise as simply a weight-losing and muscle-toning tool, exercise is great for mental health too! 

Once you have completed your chosen workout, you'll feel a rush of endorphins (i.e. happy chemicals) that is bound to improve your mental health!

You'll also experience a new sense of self-worth from this as you have just undertaken something that is a step in the right direction, rather than simply trying to 'ride out' the low self-esteem you are experiencing. 

Your mindset is crucial here too — think "I will plan out my physical activity for this week" instead of, "I can't stay motivated". 

Be a Master of Your Life

There is evidence to suggest that boosting confidence and self-esteem is linked to the actions that you make throughout the day. Therefore, if you are more careful about the things that you do — deciding what coincides with your morals — you will be progressing in ways that matter to you. 

Improving Confidence with Mindfulness

how to boost confidence

Mindfulness is achieved by drawing your attention to the present moment while you acknowledge any thoughts and feelings you're having and work to accept them. 

By practicing this technique, you'll be beginning to grow your confidence by slowly accepting the negative thoughts, and then working to feel grounded in yourself by focusing on things going on around you. 

Hopefully, you have discovered how you can have low self-esteem because of weight but, more importantly, have seen how you can work to boost it back up and resolve any confidence challenges you may be experiencing.