Best Homeopathy Treatments For Weight Loss

homeopathy for weight loss

Even as modern medical solutions have advanced by great leaps and bounds over the last 50 years, our understanding of homeopathic solutions – all natural remedies – has increased at least as much (if not more).


Today millions of people are using homeopathic for pain relief, to cure illness and disease, to alleviate mental health challenges, and are even using homeopathic for weight loss results as well.


The medical community in general still considers homeopathic to be outside the realm of scientific certainty. But you just can’t argue with the incredible all-natural peeling results millions of people have enjoyed across the planet and have been enjoying for thousands and thousands of years.


This is not to suggest that homeopathic solutions are not without fail.

 phytolacca berry homeopathy

The fact that they are not regulated, that many of them have not had intensive studies conducted on the benefits that they promise, and that some are (admittedly) little more than modern-day snake oil peddled by less than ethical marketers should not dissuade you from taking advantage of proven solutions you can rely on.


This is especially true when it comes to weight loss homeopathic options that have proven to be a real difference maker these days.


What Is Homeopathy?


According to the American Institute of Homeopathy the homeopathic medicine approach is a belief that holistic, all-natural solutions can be used to heal the body in conjunction with our natural healing energy and the ability for our body to repair itself without medical intervention.


While homeopathic solutions and practices have been around for literally thousands of years (far predating the earliest examples of what could be considered modern medicine), the homeopathic designation traces back to the late 1700s in Germany.


There are a number of basic tenants that dictate a homeopathic approach to healing. One of the core foundations of this approach is the idea that “like cures like”. In the most general sense, those that practice homeopathy believe that the same things that trigger illness can be used (tiny doses) to actually treat other illnesses with similar symptoms.


The real push behind homeopathic approaches is to trigger the natural defenses built into our bodies to fight back against bigger problems.


How does this work in the world of weight loss?


Let’s dig a little deeper and break that down right now.


How Homeopathy Can Help Weight Loss


Research conducted in 2014 that was published in the Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal showed that homeopathic treatments designed with weight loss in mind were able to help more than 30 individuals lose extra weight than those that took advantage of nutritional intervention alone.


The study revolved around whether or not the efficacy of homeopathic treatments for weight loss could be validated, figuring out how does homeopathic work for weight loss and whether or not there are specific foods that can trigger a cascade of biochemical reactions designed to stimulate weight loss results.


This research has been refuted by those outside of the homeopathic community because of its small size, something that the authors themselves acknowledged in their report.


In 2016, however, a follow-up study was conducted to see if homeopathic “medicines” like pulsatilla nigricans and calcarean carbonate could trigger weight loss in individuals that were clinically obese.


This report found similar results to the 2014 study which definitely gives it a little more credence to those that want to consider taking advantage of homeopathy for weight loss solutions.


Something that both of these studies (and other studies looking into how homeopathic approaches intertwined with weight loss) agree on is that you get the best results when you combine traditional healthy diet and exercise habits with homeopathic remedies.


This is a far cry from the world of chemical cocktail weight loss supplements that promise the moon and the stars in the weight loss department without having to make any changes to your daily diet or spend any time working out.


It sure feels like there is a lot more transparency with homeopathic solutions engineered to help people live happier and healthier lifestyles while losing weight along the way.


Phytolacca Berry and Homeopathy

best homeopathic remedy for weight loss


Students of this approach to weight loss have found that one of the best homeopathic remedy for weight loss options out there today are phytolacca berries.


Phytolacca berry homeopathy solutions have been around for more than 100 years, helping people to:

  • Curb cravings and lower caloric intake
  • Improve overall digestion and bioavailability of food and nutrients
  • Pushback against hyper acidity and feelings of fatigue and weakness when eating a lower calorie daily diet
  • Trigger improved metabolic activity that helps people melt fat faster around-the-clock


Of course, anyone looking to take advantage of phytolacca homeopathy for weight loss results will want to make sure that they are sourcing only high-quality phytolacca berries from a supplement company they know they can trust.


These supplements should be free of other ingredients, should include at least 20 g of phytolacca berry and every serving, and should be specifically designed with weight loss in mind.


A big benefit of this homeopathic approach to weight loss is that these berries have absolutely zero side effects whatsoever. You can add them to any dietary lifestyle without fear of hindering your weight loss progress, and they are not known to be allergenic, either.


Best Homeopathic Remedies to Try


There are a couple of different homeopathic remedies you may want to consider leveraging if you want to speed up your weight loss journey.


These solutions include:

  • Calcarea Carbonate
  • Graphites
  • Ignatia
  • Natrum Muriaticum
  • Pulsatilla Nigrans


Some of the solutions are sourced from plants around the world, but calcarea carbonate in particular is made from the shells of oysters.


All of these homeopathic medicines are designed to trigger increased metabolic activity and higher bioavailability of nutrients through streamlined digestive actions. Some have been proven to be more effective than others, but it really all comes down to your own unique biochemistry as far as which one will work best for you is concerned.


Of course, as highlighted above, the best weight loss results are always going to happen when you combine homeopathic approaches with traditional weight loss approaches as well.


The homeopathic remedies we highlighted above (and any others on the market right now) aren’t going to provide you with a beach body overnight alone. You want to combine these all-natural approaches to weight loss with a healthy diet, regular exercise at least five days a week, and ideally a slight caloric restriction every day.


One of the most exciting things about homeopathic remedies designed with weight loss in mind is that they are so dietary approach agnostic.


You aren’t going to have to worry about any homeopathic solutions interfering with the specific diet you wish to take advantage of. There are vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free homeopathic options available that can increase your ability to lose weight – and they were just as well with high-protein weight loss approaches like the Paleo diet as well.


All in all, as long as you are using homeopathic remedies that have a legacy of providing real and measurable results you have little to worry about.


You’ll want to source these remedies from companies you can trust, you’ll want to experiment with them to find which ones best aligned with your individual biochemistry, and you’ll want to mix them with a more traditional weight loss diet and exercise routine for the best results.


But at the end of the day the odds are good that you’ll be amazed at how much a difference these homeopathic solutions make when it comes to the often challenging journey we all travel when looking to lose weight and build a happy, healthy body.