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Debunking The Myths Surrounding The Alkaline Diet

what is an alkaline diet

If you are hoping to control your weight and eat a balanced diet, there's a good chance that you'll have come across a range of dieting options over the years.

You'll undoubtedly have noticed that those diets often have a particular focus and priority - some of them aim to dramatically reduce carbohydrates for instance. Other diets are a bit more outlandish and complex, though, such as the alkaline diet.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the alkaline diet. We will explore the logic behind the diet, its relationship with the keto diet, and more.

What Exactly Is the Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet refers more broadly to a range of diets that aim to control the pH balance within the body. The diet aims to achieve this because its followers believe that foods we consume can affect the acidity of our body and, as a consequence, treat or prevent disease.

Those people who support the diet claim that the pH of the blood has a natural tendency toward being slightly alkaline - they also believe that we only become sick when the blood within our body becomes more acidic.

As a consequence, proponents of the alkaline diet try to eat alkaline foods. This means that they regularly eat fruits and vegetables (with some exception) and exclude supposedly acidic foods such as meat, poultry, grains, fish, eggs, and cheese.

Those dieters regularly check the pH of their urine to verify that they are successfully maintaining the alkalinity within their bodies.

It is very important to know, though, that a host of credible laboratories around the world have explored the alkaline diet in lots of depth. Those laboratories have proven that the foundation and mechanism of the diet simply do not work.

Health professionals and dietitians do not recommend the diet, either, and explain that it falls into the realm of alternative medicine. The very foundation of the diet makes an incorrect assumption about the way human physiology works.

Why Is It So Popular?

The world of nutrition and dieting is a complex one. We all know how it feels to be unhappy with our weight, diet, or appearance at once point or another. It's only natural that we make a deliberate attempt to achieve a sense of balance.

Some people are very vulnerable in those moments and this affects their ability to make sensible choices. When those people are presented with a miracle diet or solution to the problem that's causing them a lot of anxiety, they'll often be too quick to embrace it or at least approach it with suspicion.

This dynamic explains the popularity of fad diets like the alkaline diet - and more.

The alkaline diet is particularly popular because its proponents attempt to present it in a logical and science-based way. The "science" is seductive because it's easy to understand and operates around a simple principle. That principle is, unfortunately, entirely incorrect.

Another reason that the alkaline diet is so seductive is its boasts about preventing and healing illness. People with conditions like arthritis and cancer naturally look for any attempt to help themselves and improve their condition. The alkaline diet presents itself as a potential aid to those people, even though there's no evidence to suggest that it's effective.

Finally, the alkaline diet thrives because of a range of celebrity endorsements. Those celebrities sometimes mean well and believe that they've stumbled upon something other people should know, while others attempt to exploit the vulnerability of others to sell their own diet plans and products.

The popularity of the alkaline diet reminds us that it's important to always approach a new diet recommendation or technique with a suspicious eye and do your research carefully. You can't afford to be pulled into a poor-quality diet that could have an impact on your overall health.

Vegan Diets and Alkaline

keto alkaline diet meal plan

The alkaline diet is a natural fit for many vegans, so it would be simpler to develop a vegan alkaline diet plan. Here's a look at what you can and cannot eat on the alkaline diet - you'll see why it's such a good fit for vegans.

Good alkaline foods

Proponents of the alkaline diet believe that fruits and vegetables are okay to eat. In addition, people following the diet are recommended to eat soybeans and tofu as well as nuts, seeds, and legumes.

As you can see, this makes the alkaline diet quite a natural fit for a seasoned vegan who is used to excluding animal products and processed foods from their diet.

Bad acidic foods

Proponents of the alkaline diet avoid a lot of foods. This is because they believe those foods promote the generation of acidic ask.

Those foods include processed foods, packaged snacks, and canned foods. People following the alkaline diet also avoid dairy, grains, eggs, and meat. You can see why it's easier for a vegan person to transition to an alkaline diet.

The Keto Diet And Alkaline

vegan alkaline diet plan

If you are hoping to follow the keto diet, you will find that it's incompatible with the alkaline diet. While there are obviously some keto alkaline diet recipes, the keto diet could not be more different and according to a proponent of the alkaline diet, it would be heavily based around the consumption of acidic foods.

Both of the diets are alike in the sense that they exclude most grains and processed foods, though.

You will find that the keto diet enthusiastically promotes the consumption of protein and healthy fats. That means eating a very large quantity of meat and dairy products - as well as lots of eggs.

This means that if you're following the keto diet, it would be almost impossible to create a keto alkaline diet meal plan. That's not a bad thing - some nutritionists have a deep-rooted belief in the power and potential of the keto diet.

The Paleo Diet And Alkaline

The paleo diet is a fascinating diet that was first developed by Loren Cordain, a professor of health and exercise science who lectures at the Colorado State University.

Cordain posits that we should attempt to eat a similar diet to that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. He says that this type of diet is far more natural and helps us to achieve good health. This means that we should eat a lot of meat, eggs, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and more.

This makes the paleo diet at odds with an alkaline diet and it means that you should struggle to put together a viable paleo alkaline diet plan.

While the alkaline diet falls short of the bold claims that are made by its proponents and it shouldn't be followed, it does have some positives. The diet means that its followers eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, which can help people trying to lose weight to achieve some success.

There are far more effective alternatives to the alkaline diet out there, though. Those other diets will inevitably have their critics, but they also have important support from the medical community that the alkaline diet completely lacks.

If you are looking for a transformative diet that will help you to achieve your weight loss goals, it's important to perform your research with a clear head. You should also understand that diet is just one part of the battle - you've got to pay just as much attention to your general physical and mental health.