Drinking Water to Lose Weight: Everything You Need to Know

drinking water to lose weight

Drinking water to lose weight will, in short, be effective. Ultimately, it suppresses your appetite, cleanses the organs and helps to increase the efficiency of your metabolism. 

Why Do We Need to Drink Water?

Our bodies use water for all of its functions — in its cells, tissues and organs to maintain homeostasis in the body in terms of temperature and other aspects like maintaining a disease- and infection-fighting immune system. 

Every second, we are losing water without realising it through breathing, digestion and sweating and therefore, we consistently need to replace this by drinking more water and eating vegetables, such as lettuce and cucumber, that contain a high percentage of water.

Our internal organs — namely the kidney, liver, stomach and intestines — need water to effectively produce waste and ensure they can clean themselves properly, so it is necessary to drink enough to allow the body to do this. Dehydration — born from not drinking an optimum level of fluids — can cause problems when passing stools, meaning all extra bloating will stay put, affecting your waistline. 

water and weight loss

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

In short, yes it does. But, why does drinking water help you lose weight? Well, water boosts metabolism which enables the body to burn calories at a faster rate when resting, improving your ability to lose weight effectively. 

Furthermore, regularly drinking sufficient amounts will prevent your body from retaining a lot of water as it knows it will be being replaced soon, this will help to stop unnecessary water weight and therefore, will help you to lose overall fat. 

This fluid type also acts as an appetite suppressant, reducing the urge to overeat and diminishing the nagging feelings of hunger. This alone will kickstart your weight loss journey massively, as you will not be consuming calories that are not needed.

Why Does Water Make You Feel Full?

As mentioned, water works to naturally abolish the appetite. This is because once it hits the stomach, it uses up a lot of the space, thus, it will then send signals to the brain that it no longer needs any more sustenance and so, to stop eating. 

With this in mind, consuming a glass of water before reaching for your next snack may curb the pang to do so and you will have just saved yourself from some misplaced calories. 

Maybe it is then a given, that drinking a glass about 10 minutes ahead of each meal will ensure you do not eat more than you need to because the water has had time to fill up a lot of your stomach. 

Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Drinking water to lose weight is a brilliant idea because, as we know, it actually works! 

Along with decreasing your appetite, a lot of studies suggest that it even helps to burn the calories you consume. Ice cold water works best for this as the shock to the body causes extra energy expenditure in order to ensure the temperature is correct for digestion. 

Additionally, water improves the rate and quality of waste release through the kidneys and out of the body from urine and stools. When dehydrated, the body cannot process unwanted toxins, causing it to retain it all; in turn, this makes you bloated, dehydrated and tired — not essential for weight loss. 

Making smart choices when thinking about what to drink (i.e. swapping calorific, sugary drinks for water instead) prevents liquid calories from being consumed and so, greatly helps you to lose weight. Many people do not think about the extra calories they are ingesting through alcoholic beverages and sweetened coffee etc., but, hopefully, now you can start to be someone who does. 

By now, it is clear that the body cannot function properly without water — after all, we are made up of 60% of it! It may, therefore, be obvious that it needs this healthy fluid to process fat and metabolise carbohydrates properly. Studies have proven that this is the case so, make sure to drink more and more! 

When exercising, which is a critical part of weight loss, our bodies use up a lot of water through sweat and the movement of muscles, tissues and joints. If you do not drink enough, stitches, fatigue and muscle cramps can set in which stops you from working out to your full potential — drink more water, work out to your max and the weight loss wish will be granted. 

does drinking water help you lose weight

Recommended Daily Water Intake for Weight Loss

Everyone is different, so naturally, this presents difficulties in stating a rule that is set in stone for each and every one of us. Having said this, most nutritionists and doctors advise consuming 8, 8-ounce glasses of water (roughly 2 litres) each day to aid weight loss efficiently. 

However, there are many factors that affect the amount you, as an individual, need to drink. The climate you live in, the intensity of your workouts, how active a lifestyle you lead, how much you sweat, your weight and your height all play a part in this. The managing director of Baptist Sports Medicine, Trent Nessler, states that everyone should attempt to consume an ounce of water for each pound they weigh. 

One hard and fast rule that doesn't change, regardless of who you are, is the indicators to check that you are staying hydrated enough. The best way to check? Look at your urine colour. If you are passing clear liquids, you are definitely giving yourself enough fluids but, if your urine is dark, you need to try and increase your water intake to correct your dehydration level. 

Still, if you really are not sure, consult your local general practitioner who will be able to give you tailored guidance on this matter. 

How Much Weight Can I Lose Drinking Water?

This is a really ambiguous question as it truly depends on the person, but water and weight loss do go hand-in-hand so you can expect to lose more weight should you follow the heavily researched '8x8' rule (drinking 8, 8-ounce glasses of water per day, mentioned above). 

why do we need to drink water

As water keeps your metabolic rate at a desirable one, your body will be burning through more calories during workouts, as well as just at rest, meaning the speed at which you lose weight will be quicker and therefore, more noticeable in the mirror.

Many people find that their swelling and bloatedness is born from their body retaining an unnecessary amount of water weight. People who do not drink water regularly, or who struggle to drink a decent amount throughout the day will find this happening frequently — it is purely so your water levels do not get too low. You can drop the water weight simply though by drinking more regularly so your body won't need to overcompensate for the lack of fluids. 

Overall, research shows a direct positive correlation between drinking more water and improved weight loss. This in no way suggests, however, that you do not need to couple this with making healthy food choices and exercising regularly — water, while a pretty magical thing, will not make the unwanted fat disappear all by itself, unfortunately.