Is Being Fit The New Being Rich

Fit is the new rich

Gone are the days of worrying about what kind of house your friend lives in or the type of car that they drive or even the level of income that they achieve. Now we want to know how many minutes they can do on the treadmill and how much weight they can manipulate with their strength training. It’s no longer ‘cool’ to brag about your wealth, fitness is the new ‘in’ and decides where you stand as far as status. You’re considered no one on the social scene unless you’ve accomplished a marathon. Fit is the new rich. We’re living in a new-age fitness culture.

People nowadays are trying to find ways to release stress and strain from busier lives and hectic schedules with exercise being the number one stress-management tool at virtually no cost for you to go outside and run for miles. This isn’t saying that there aren’t women who spend a small fortune on designer workout wear to look good while they’re breaking speed records and men who buy fancy fully-loaded bicycles rather than the sports cars that were so yesterday. The money is just no longer their focus with many competing in charity-driven competitions to raise money for meaningful causes.

Boasting About Sporting Achievements

Fitness culture

Within our new fitness culture where everyone is on the workout bandwagon, is it wrong to boast about your sporting accomplishments? When fit is the ‘new rich’ and this is all everyone is talking about around the water cooler, is it bad to chime in and talk about what a great golfer you happen to be?

Bragging, given the right circumstances, can be construed as a good thing if you do so carefully and offer evidence to back up the claims with nothing that could refute your statements. Boasting in a sideways kind of view can be deemed as a form of self enhancement, a boost to personal self esteem. People may view you to be a competent person, albeit see you in an arrogant light in this type of scenario. But if you have achievements that you keep quiet about, those same people may perceive you as humble and warm, though less capable. So do you speak up or don’t you? This is kind of a darn if you do or darned if you don’t type of situation.

Keeping fit and healthy is something that everyone is trying to do and sharing information is going to be inevitable, possibly helpful to those around you. There are ways to speak of your accomplishments without appearing competitive or boastful. You can try to be self-deprecating as opposed to patting yourself on the back. Describing how hard the end result was for you and the amount of time and effort that you had to expel in order to reach the goal is much more tolerable than blatant boasting. With this approach you have to be careful that you’re not using the cover of a complaint in an effort to brag. There’s a fine line with this approach.

Another way you can brag in this new fitness culture is to have a friend that participated with you in on the conversation. They can speak of your achievement for you and you can, in turn, speak of theirs. This way they are bragging for you and you for them. And if there is no one who played witness for you during your achievement, use humor and just be brief if the subject comes up. It’s always good to laugh at ourselves which most friends will participate in with no acknowledgement of bragging.

Competitive Posts Across Social Media

The new fitness culture, a growing trend in America, is making ways for people to compete with each other via posts on social media. If you indicate that you have started a new diet and fitness regimen, those fitness trends funnel their way down throughout the friends list until everyone is trying the latest fad. No one is actually taking into consideration whether these particular trends are in keeping with their specific nutritional needs or dietary requirements. They just see on these sites what they perceive as evidence that other people are having ‘mind-blowing’ results and they just assume they will as well. This is regardless of the fact that they have a completely different body makeup and various different nutrients may be necessary for their particular system.

The idea of living a clean life where food needs to be whole, in its original form with little to no processing, no added sugar, no added sodium, but rather a multitude of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins is a current popular trend making rounds throughout the country. There is also a large fan base for the concept of plant-based foods as opposed to products derived from animal-base due to the claims of cruelty suffered by many animals used for meat and dairy products.

A large problem that exists on the social media platform is the idea that everyone is using comparisons to each other as far as body image, the diet and fitness plan they’re following, the food they’re eating, and the products that they use. This is leading many users to issues with poor self image, problems with members body shaming other members, cases of fights breaking out via the comments as to what food choices people are making. This can be dangerous in the world we live in today with the amount of bullying that goes on. Things can tend to get nasty very quickly in the social arena. It seems with this new concept of fitness over wealth, everyone feels that they are now the authority on what it means to be fit and healthy and there is no room for anyone who may offer a differing opinion.

Are Abs The New Designer Handbags?

keeping fit and healthy

There was a time when no one would find a correlation between abs and designer handbags. But in modern times where everyone is trying to find various different means as to how to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle, the one thing that all people are obsessed over is developing the perfect six-pack abs to show off, whether you’re a man or a woman. Abs are, in fact, the new designer handbag, the new high-end jewelry, something that gets put on display and often. This is our way of letting those around us know that we have put in far more effort with our fitness regimen than anyone else possibly could be. And, in all fairness, accomplishing this does take a great deal of work, dedication, and determination so kudos are in store for these people. Is fit the new rich? You bet it is. But…

Where Did The Phrase Originate?

Not understanding the context in which he used it, the phrase was coined by Lance Armstrong, the former cyclist who was a competitor. Being seen as an icon at the time, he had massive influence and the trend began.. The great thing about this particular trend taking over for being wealthy is it’s nondiscriminatory. You don’t need to belong to a certain social status, gender, age, or location. Anyone, anywhere can participate with no fear of judgment.

This new cultural concept is really quite refreshing in our modern world with all of the technology, the hectic days, the chaos surrounding our busy lives. Money seems to be the last thing we’re thinking about. Stress is greater and the demands of life are increasing that factor immensely. We’re becoming more aware of how critical fitness and self care are in providing us with the necessary relief we need to sustain our well being, not only via physical fitness but with our diets and mental clarity. Mindfulness and meditation are a form of fitness that many are practicing as a means to gain mental clarity and keep ourselves centered.

The workplaces are getting on board with fitness regimens within their wellness programs as a means to help their employees regulate the stress levels at work and at home. They’re also incorporating more breaks into the day and enforcing lunch hours. It seems we’re taking a shift in the right direction where personal care is now the priority over material things, power, and wealth. If seeing our body progressing into a good, healthy shape can be viewed as a new designer handbag, we’ll take it. The real thing doesn’t compare.