Reflexology for Weight Loss

acupressure points for weight loss

It might sound a little crazy at first, but researchers have scientifically found that reflexology for weight loss really works – on top of all the other benefits this form of therapy has to offer.


Reflexology, sometimes referred to as “zone therapy”, is a form of alternative medicine that’s been practiced for literally thousands and thousands of years. Combined with alternative solutions to healing the human body like acupuncture, yoga, and meditation it’s always been looked at a little sideways by the modern medical community – at least until recently.

reflexology for weight loss 

Independent researchers working separately in both the United Kingdom and in Australia, as well as those in the United States, have broken new ground when it comes to understanding everything reflexology makes possible.


Triggering almost effortless weight loss is just one of the many benefits of this nontraditional therapy!


Why Reflexology Is Considered For Weight Loss


The most commonly cracker all reflexology techniques for weight loss have to do with finding the specific pressure points on your body that linked directly to your spleen and other digestive organs.


Pressure points on your left foot (specifically midfoot, opposite your instep) as well as those in the ball and soles of your feet have been proven to have a link between your spleen and your digestive organs.


By working these pressure points with gentle massage (and sometimes more forcible massage) you’re able to trigger reactions throughout these organs that kick your metabolism into high gear, improve your ability to digest food more completely, and elevate your ability to lose fat faster.


Acupuncture Points And Weight Loss

can you use acupuncture to lose weight 

If you really want to take reflexology for weight loss to the next level you want to consider hitting the acupressure and acupuncture pressure points that trigger weight loss as well.


We highlighted some of the more common acupressure points for weight loss in the feet above, but there are other pressure points up near your shoulders, along your spine, and in your biceps as well as your thighs that have direct links to your digestive system as well.


By triggering these acupressure and acupuncture pressure points you’ll be able to unlock the true power of all natural weight loss reflexology and these other alternative therapies bring to the table.


Obviously, the fastest way to trigger this kind of weight loss is to go to reflexology experts as well as those trained in acupressure and acupuncture therapy. You’ll want their wisdom and their experience to be guiding the process for you, helping you to enjoy effortless weight loss results much faster than you’d have been able to your own.


To really take things to the next level you’ll want to consider using traditional weight loss solutions in combination with reflexology.


Can you use acupuncture to lose weight alone?


Sure. But the results are expedited significantly – and compounded – when you combine something like acupuncture and acupressure therapy with eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.


Embrace everything that these alternative solutions have to offer and you’ll be slimmer and trimmer in no time!