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exercise addiction

Five Signs You May Be Addicted To Exercise

by Team Modius on

Regular exercise is an important part of living a happy and healthy life. Enjoyed alongside a balanced diet, regular exercise can help to bolster your defense against a...

cardio vs weights

Cardio vs Weights- What Form Of Exercise Is Best?

by Team Modius on

Cardio Vs weight training is a hot debate in the health industry, with arguments for both sides being equally convincing.   There are countless articles and studies claiming...

employee wellness program

7 Great Examples Of Employee Wellness Programs That Work

by Team Modius on

Wellness denotes our awareness of the current state of our health in the physical capacity as well as mental, social, spiritual, and our overall lifestyle as a whole...

boxing for weight loss

3 Excellent Weight Loss Exercises To Try

by Team Modius on

Cardio And Weight Loss.   Cardiovascular exercise, or ‘cardio’ is any kind of physical activity that elevates your heart rate for a sustained period of time. Put simply;...

pilates for weight loss (mental health)

How Pilates Impacts Weight Loss and Mental Wellbeing

by Team Modius on

For over a decade, Pilates DVDs dominated the infomercial market. But before that—long before—Pilates was being used to improve physical and mental wellbeing worldwide. Today, we answer the...

How sports help mental health

How Playing Sports Can Help Improve Mental Health

by Team Modius on

There are a lot of reasons to love sports. They keep us fit, help us build resilience, and they’re fun. As anyone who plays sports can attest: they...