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emotional freedom technique

What Is Emotional Freedom Technique & How To Practice It

by Team Modius on

What Is Emotional Freedom Technique.   Similarly to acupuncture, emotional freedom technique, or emotional freedom tapping, is a therapeutic technique that works to release blockages in the energy...

life admin (mental effects)

Six Ways To Get On Top Of Your Life Admin

by Team Modius on

Life Admin (Mental Effects) Researchers out of Columbia University in New York City have found that one of the “shared anxieties” that people of all different life experiences...

what are positive affirmations

What A Positive Affirmations & How Do They Work?

by Team Modius on

A positive affirmation is typically a short yet powerful and simple statement that is created in order to manifest a certain goal. They are meant to be incredibly...

how to switch off mentally

How To Switch Off Your Mind After The Working Day

by Team Modius on

In this crazy modern world that pushes us all toward work, work and more work, everybody is super focused on being more productive and 'busy', instead of paying...

environmental anxiety

How To Handle Environmental Anxiety Constructively

by Team Modius on

Common Causes of Anxiety (including environmental anxiety)    Anxiety is a mental disorder that can get the better of most of us from time to time. Feelings of...

self care activities at work

Try These Self Care Activities at Work for a Relaxed Working Day

by Team Modius on

Partaking in self-care activities at work can be a huge help for time and stress management in a business. Plus, it is guaranteed to have you feeling better...