Take The Veg Pledge This Winter

veg pledge

Winter is coming quickly and this is the time of year when a lot of people tend to put on weight. But it seems those indulging in plant-based diets don’t have this issue. Many people who transition from a carnivore diet to a vegetarian or vegan way of life tend to lose weight and this is without any need to count calories or increase the regimented activity level. Taking the ‘veg pledge’ offers components of a healthy diet such as being rich in fibers from the plant-based foods which has been associated with giving people a feeling of satisfaction once their meal has been eaten. Health benefits of eating a vegan diet have also included regulation of levels of blood glucose.

A wholesome plant-based diet that is loaded with whole grains, soy foods, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts is going to be moderate as far as calories, which is one of the added benefits of going vegetarian weight loss.

Why Eating More Veg Can Help You Live Longer

Taking the ‘veg pledge’ could ultimately help you in living a much longer life according to nutritionists. A vegetarian diet that consists of spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale is said to have the ability to improve the health of our heart and decrease the chances for cancers. The recommendation is that everyone should consume upwards of approximately four servings of leafy green vegetables each week in order to take advantage of the benefits of a vegetarian diet on health. These particular green vegetables have the potential of saving us from stroke, heart disease, and decreasing blood pressure.

components of a healthy diet

The most nutrient-rich root vegetables are those that are firm and offer a bright color; the deeper that the color is, the more nutrition that they offer and the better they are for your health in turn creating a longer life for you.

Health Benefits Of Going Vegetarian

There are loads of positive results stemming from eating a vegetarian diet as far as long-term health effects. Those who eat meat tend to gain more weight than a person with a plant-based diet; unless the vegetarian is consuming large quantities of ice cream and french fries. A vegetarian’s cholesterol tends to be on the lower side as opposed to those who don’t follow this type of diet. The vegetarian meal plan has a greatly reduced saturated fat intake as well as animal protein, a much higher fiber level, complex carbohydrates, and offers healthy vitamins such as C and E. Vegetarians are noted as having much lower obesity risks as well as hypertension and less chances for developing diabetes or any type of cardiovascular disease. This is for a vegetarian who follows a diet full of whole-grain, higher fiber foods with lots of vegetables and fruits. They also add in soy-based items such as tempeh or tofu that offers a semblance of a meat taste.

Health Benefits Of Going Vegan

Taking the ‘pledge for veg’ and consuming a vegan diet is a large commitment as there is absolutely no room in this diet for any type of animal-based product in their diet or in their everyday living products. Contrary to vegetarians who will consume dairy, the vegan person will consume nothing that has any type of animal-base. They are 100% plant-based with soy-base as a compliment. Living a vegan lifestyle can offer an intensely positive impact on a person’s overall health as consuming animal fats has potentially been associated with various illnesses and chronic conditions inclusive of rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and a vast array of cancers.

health benefits of consuming a vegan diet

Those who enjoy the vegan way of life are able to counteract any genetic predisposition to chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes as the antioxidants that are offered in plant-based foods work to combat the free radical cells that are the source for inflammation and damages to the cells. Other compounds within plants assist in controlling various genes associated with cardiovascular diseases, plaque within the arteries, and possible growth of tumors.

A person who wants to switch to a vegan diet or follow a vegan lifestyle should speak with their healthcare provider so that they are able to make the transition in such a way that their body handles it healthfully. The doctor may indicate supplements in order to replace some of the nutrients that are being lost or recommend replacement foods that will fortify the diet with the appropriate nutrition.

Weight Loss And Vegetable-based Diets

Overall, taking the ‘pledge to veg’ whether it be vegetarian or vegan diet is going to be not only a dietary change but ultimately an overall lifestyle change. If done correctly, there will be many benefits as weight loss and vegetable-based diets go hand in hand but living a much more healthy and longer life will be the optimal result.