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When Is The Best Time To Exercise: Pros And Cons Of Each

when is the best time to exercise

While everyone that understands the importance of exercising for good health, strength, and energy the truth of the matter is the age-old question of when is the best time to exercise is anything but settled science.


In fact, both sides of this debate are just as passionate about being right as the other.


Some folks claim that waking up and exercising straight away is the best thing you can do for your body whereas others recommend shooting to exercise before bed so that you fall asleep faster and get better sleep to boot.


Interestingly enough, researchers in the United Kingdom seem to favor exercising in the evening versus researchers in the United States that feel like exercising bright and early in the morning is the right path to take.


If you’re interested in digging a little deeper into the ins and outs of whether or not exercise timing really matters, all in an effort to figure out what is the best time to exercise to burn fat, build muscle, and change your life for the better, check of the inside information we share below.


Morning or Evening Exercise to Lose Weight

 exercise before bed

As we highlighted earlier, the science is anything but settled when it comes to exercising during the day the general consensus is that anytime is better than no time at all!


Some folks are going to be able to tap into their body’s natural circadian rhythm (the body clock) to wake up bright and early in the morning to go for run, to go for a jog, or to knockout a quick workout before they start their day – and others just aren’t morning people and will feel a lot more comfortable getting that work in at night just before they hit the bed.


Different factors like your blood pressure, your body temperature, your overall hormone and biochemical levels, your heart rate, and so much more heavily influence your circadian rhythm as well as your natural inclination towards getting things done in the morning or later on in the day.


Combine that with the diet you eat that may or may not be fueling a lot of these decisions – and your exercises, too – and the best advice we can give you when it comes to working out in the morning or the evening is simply to work out whenever you get a chance.


Health Benefits of Evening Walk


Now, we would be remiss to leave out the fact that some researchers have found that there is a slight (slight) difference between morning or evening exercise to lose weight faster.


Researchers at the University of New England feel that morning exercises allow the body to burn fat faster while also enjoying lower blood pressure throughout the day that helps them rest to easier.


On the flip side of things, the researchers in the US and the UK that published jointly in the Journal of Sports Scientists found that the hours between 4 PM and 8 PM provided the most consistent athletic performance capabilities for individuals throughout the study – making the health benefits of evening walks and ability to elevate the metabolism with exercise in the evening for weight loss more obvious.


Health benefits of an evening walk manifest in other ways, too, however – and that they are usually easier to pull off without a lot of distractions and without feeling rushed.


Early morning exercise for weight loss almost always has to be shoehorned into the rest of your morning routine and that may mean cutting corners to save time. This will almost always reduce the effectiveness of your weight loss efforts.


Early Morning Exercise for Weight Loss

 early morning exercise for weight loss

If you are going to be doing early morning exercises to trigger weight loss results – especially in an effort to figure out when is the best time to exercise to transform your body – something like yoga on a consistent schedule or something like High Intensity Interval Training that can be done in a truncated amount of time are the way to go.


You aren’t necessarily going to want to spend a lot of time dillydallying in the morning but are instead going to want to be laser focused. Leave walking at night for weight loss if you’re going to look for something a little more leisurely.


Those that want to trigger a cascade of metabolic action to melt fat all day long (and fall asleep faster at night) will definitely want to do some sort of high-intensity workout bright and early in the morning, limiting it to just 45 minutes or so to streamline things along the way.


All things considered, as we highlighted a couple of times earlier in this guide, it’s more important – much more important – that you do with exercise on a regular and consistent basis compared to the time of you spend your time exercising.