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Diet hacks: which food group should you cut out for the best results?

by Chris Miskelly on

Searching for a new diet? You’ve seen the articles telling you why red meat is your worst enemy and gluten-free is the way to be. Or maybe you’re...

Spot the Difference: Can you target fat loss where you want it most?

by Chris Miskelly on

What’s weighing you down? How do you assess your progress? Do you look down at the scales or see how much extra space has been left behind in...

Weights vs Cardio: Which one tips the scales?

by Chris Miskelly on

It’s an age-old debate that has weighed heavy on the minds of adrenaline junkies to couch potatoes and everyone in between: which will help me lose fat faster,...

Stress Marks: The struggle of losing weight under pressure

by Chris Miskelly on

Coping with cortisol Winter break starting to feel like ancient history? Work beginning to pile up? How about those stress levels? In our recent blogs, we’ve talked about...

Dr Jason McKeown's Top Tips

by Jason McKeown on

January can be a tough time of year, it’s dark, cold and we’ve all had one to many mince pies, the last thing we want to contemplate is...

Resolutions are on the menu: Which diet is right for you in 2019?

by Caroline Goodall on

A design for life As the New Year kicks in, resolutions are in the air and at least a few months’ worth of diet goals are being planned...

Alcohol: How drinking affects your weight loss journey

by Chris Miskelly on

Eat, drink and be merry? Winter nights out are upon us and designated drivers have never been busier. Enjoying a festive tipple or two is all in the...

Yoga vs. Pilates: which is better for you?

by Olivia Burns on

New beginnings 2019 is fast approaching and resolution-fuelled gym memberships are sure to rocket, as they always do. Maybe you’re just starting out, taking care of a niggly...

Meet the team

by Jason McKeown on

What is the motivation behind Modius? Helping people has always been a key motivator for me. Throughout my career as a Doctor and Neuroscientist, I was able to...

Is weight loss harder for men or women?

by Olivia Burns on

Looking for a quick answer? Trawl the weight loss message boards and you’ll find plenty. Check out this recent article from LiveScience and you can get a definitive...