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what is restless leg syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome: What You Need To Know

by Team Modius on

If you have experienced an almost irresistible urge to move your legs, or find yourself habitually jiggling your legs while you’re sitting down, you may be suffering from...


What Is The Endocannabinoid System? A Guide To ECS

by Team Modius on

What Is The Endocannabinoid System? Scientists have known that the brain had opiate receptors since the early 70s. 15 years later in a government-funded study, two St. Louis...

Mental trauma (from sport injury)

How To Manage Sports-related Mental Trauma

by Team Modius on

Dealing with a sports injury is tough. In 2014, more than 8.6 million Americans were injured playing the sports they love. And this number is rising. While more of...

An apple a day

Exposing The Truth Behind The Famous Phrase 'An Apple A Day'

by Team Modius on

Why People Say An Apple A Day Keeps The Dr Away.   Apples are one of the most widely eaten, year-round, accessible fruits that are eaten by the millions...

what is bruxism

Stress & Your Oral Health- How It Can Affect Your Mouth

by Team Modius on

What Is Bruxism?   Bruxism is a relatively common condition, it which sufferers repeatedly grind their teeth or clench their jaw. This can happen when awake or asleep,...

Mental conditioning training

Mental Conditioning Training: What Is It & How to Practise It

by Team Modius on

If you were confident that you would get the result you want, what would you do to achieve your goals? The answer is always: something. But on the...